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nivaldo medeiros (2014) atlas hematology.


This Atlas has the goal of supplying hematologists, laboratory technicians, medical school students, biologists as well as professionals working in the field of morphology of blood cells. The majority of the smears come from blood and bone marrow samples, however note that also are shown here cavitary fluid materials, scraped, etc. The panchromic stain used is always "Leishman", and are added in addition rare cytochemistry reactions. The pictures taken were scaled up of magnifications such: x200; x400; x630; and specially x1,000 with photomicroscopes Zeiss and Nikon. These pictures show normal cells from blood and bone marrow and continuing to a substantial variety of hematologic diseases, being some of these rather rare. For all these pictures are unretouched, sometimes artefacts and stain precipitated are shown. The nomenclature used is from the italian school of morphology of the blood (Ferrata school). In conclusion, I want to make clear that this Atlas will be always under construction, because periodically there will be added new photographic sequences.

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