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RENA BIVENS (2014) Digital Currents. University of Toronto Press


Social media has irrevocably changed how people consume the news. As the distinction between professional and citizen journalists continues to blur, Digital Currents illuminates the behind-the-scenes efforts of television newscasters to embrace the public’s participation in news and information gathering and to protect the integrity of professional journalism. Using interviews with more than one hundred journalists from eight networks in Canada and the United Kingdom, Rena Bivens takes the reader inside TV newsrooms to explore how news organizations are responding to the paradigmatic shifts in media and communication practices. The first book to examine the many ways that the public has entered the production of mainstream news, Digital Currents underscores the central importance of media literacy in the age of widespread news sources.

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: University of Toronto Press
: 2014
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Social media, citizen journalists, Digital Currents, Broadcast journalism – Technological innovations, Broadcast journalism – Social aspects, Television broadcasting of news, Online journalism, Social media
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