Proceeding : The Third Summit Meeting on Education International Seminar : Values - Based Learning for Wonderful Children

Diane G. Tillman (2016) Proceeding : The Third Summit Meeting on Education International Seminar : Values - Based Learning for Wonderful Children . Yogyakarta: UIN Sunan Kalijaga


: Diane G. Tillman
: Proceeding
: Bahasa Inggris
: Proceeding International Seminar Tahun Vol. No. 2016 - - (PPI)
: Yogyakarta: UIN Sunan Kalijaga
: 2016
: 1-232
Subyek / Keywords :
The Important of The Living Value Education for Children (Diane G. Tillman) ; Values Education -Principle and Practice (Christoper Drake) ; Sexuality and Sensuality on Text Book and the Effects Towards Character Education at Madrasah Ibtidaiyah of Padang city (Aziz Meria) ; Character Values Internationalization Through Hypnoreading-Based Valuation instrument on Bahasa indonesia Learning Material (Aninditya Sri Nugraheni dan Mohammad Rofiq) ; building Self-Condfidence Trough Multiple Intellegence-based Mathematics Leaning (Aep Sunendar) ; The Relevance of Labelling and Student's Mindset in Character Education in Madrasah Ibtidaiyah and Elementary Schools (Andi Prastowo) ; Building Student Character with instilling Mathematical Values (dede Salim Nahdi) ; Understanding Self Regulated Learning in The Context of Asean Economic Community (Erik Santoso) ; Character of Leader in Thematic Book for Grade IV Elementary School/MI Curriculum 2013 and the Learning at State Elementary School (Asnafiyah) ; Spiritual Neurosciene in Learning (Heni Listiana) ; Study of Inquiry Based Learning Science Practicum Module : Meta Analysis Study ( Irdalisa) ; The Analysis of The Obstacle found in Natural Science (IPA) Learning Process and the Solution for Teacher's Class at Sixth Grade of Islamic Elementary Scholls in Salatiga (Peni Susapti) ; Character Education Assessment System ( Masrurotul Mahmudah) ; Character Building Throught living Values Education Aproach in Early Childhood Education (Muamar Qadafi) ; The Role of Education Islam for Education Sex and Prevent Sexual Abuse in Children : Case studies in RA Metro City Lampung (Muhammad Yusuf) ; Values of Character Education in Serat Sasana Sunu By Kiai R. Ng. Yasadipura II the Poet of Surakarta Kasunanan Palace (Sedya Santosa) ; Grawing Democratic Leadership in Elementary School (Roni Rodiyana) ; A Closer Look at Implementation of Character Building in a Private islamic Elementary School in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia (Set of Problems, Challenges, and How to Cope With (Zidniyati) ; Development Character Education Perspective Islmic Education in the Era of ASEAN Economic Community (Yulia Tri Samiha) ; The Importance of Professionalism Teachers and Character Education Student's of madrasah Ibtidaiyah in Twenty First Century (Sita Ratnaningsih) ; Aplication of Civic Education Learning Techiques Clarification Approach Through Value (Value Clarification Technique in Student PGSD FKIP UNSRI (Siti Dewi Maharani, Nuraini Usman, Budiansyah), Implementation of Art Local Culture as Efforts to Establish the Positive Character of Children in MI PGM Cirebon (Atikah Syamsi, latifah, Yuriska dewi) ; Reinterpretation of national Education Standar in Planning of Quality Improvement for Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Flagship (Ahwy Oktradiksa).
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