PROSIDING: Challeges Of Education Crisis In The Middle Of Islamic Morality To Indonesia Gold Generation 2045

(2017) PROSIDING: Challeges Of Education Crisis In The Middle Of Islamic Morality To Indonesia Gold Generation 2045. Ponorogo: WADE


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: Bahasa Inggris
: 200-299(Religion)
: Prosiding Tahun 2017 (PP) Perpustakaan Pusat UMY
: Ponorogo: WADE
: 2017
Subyek / Keywords :
Motivation To Build Quality Education Institutions (A Z I S);Credibility Counselors Islam In Rural ((Rosnandar Romli Dan Aat Ruchiat Nugraha);Islamic Da’wah Movement Through The Saman Dance(Kokom Komariah Dan Rosnandar Romli); Communication Strategies And Da’wah In Building Santri Awareness Loving Environment Through Eco-Pontren Program In Das Citarum Hulu(Iriana Bakti Dan Yanti Setianti); Islamic Doctrines And The Acceleration Of Trainings Ofpublic Health Of Mother And Child As Implemented In West Java(Dede Mariana, Dian Fatma Sjoraida, Dan Rully Khairul Anwar); Islam And The Patterns Of Entrepreneurship Education (A Study On Digital Media Industry Development In West Java, Indonesia)(Dede Mariana, Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Rully Khairul Anwar);Submission Of Aspirations As Political Education(A Study In West Java House Of Representatives)(Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Dede Mariana, Rully Khairul Anwar); Character Education In The Implementation Of Public Information Policy In The Government Of West Java Province(Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Dede Mariana, Rully Khairul Anwar); Local Wisdom Based Character Education Pattern Case Study Atsaungbudaya (Arts Center) Tatar Karang, Tasikmalaya Regency,Province Of Jawabarat(Encang Saepudin, Ninisagustini Damayani, Agus Rumana); Effectiveness Dakwah Under The Program Religi “Islam Itu Indah” On Television(Trie Damayanti); Character Education Through Video Advertisement " Unsung Hero " In Youtube Channel (Virtual Ethnography Study On Character Education Through Video Advertisement "Unsung Hero" On Youtube Channel)(Rachmaniar Dan Renata Anisa); Increase Self Efficacy In Solving Student Learning Difficulties(Anikmatul Khoiroh); Factors That Cause Low Reading Public Interest At Community Library(Bayu Pradikto Dan Septian Widasta Abiluwi);Conditioning Of The Ritual Prayer Before Starting The Lectures In The College(Hanny Hafiar & Heru Ryanto Budiana); Mental Revolution In Perspective Educational Valuefor Forming Character Generation(Mahmud); Providing Islamic Books And Other Reading Materials To Support The Congregation Read In Mosque(Pawit M. Yusup & Neneng Komariah Dan Samson Cms); Role Playing Method With Cooperative Learning Model In Pai Mi / Sd Learning To Improve Children’s Understanding Of The Character Education Concept(Al Ihwanah Dan Katni); Good Characters For Narcotics Therapy(A Case Study In Inabah Board I, Tasikmalaya, West Java) (Rully Khairul Anwar Dan Diah Fatma Sjoraida, Dede Mariana); Using Tpr In Language Teaching Viewed From Linguistic And Psycholinguistic(Anik Indramawan Dan Noor Hafidhoh); Requirement Analysis Of Simulation Game Model Development Based Public Policy Controversial Issues As Democracy Earning Innovation(Suryanto, Agus Widodo, Nursalim); The Relationship Of Reading Habits With Achievement Answer The Essay Question (Prijana, Andri Yanto); Social Media Utilization To Develop Da’wah Based On Digital Communication(Priyo Subekti, Evi Novianti Dan Kokom Komariah); Urgency Assessment System In Character Education(Masrurotul Mahmudah, Muhammad Ngali Zainal Makmun); Da’wah And Teenager Health Reproductif Communication For Thegolden Indonesia Generation 2045(Yanti Setianti, Iriana Bakti); Glocalization On The Concept Of Islamic Education(Muh Tajab); Curriculum 2013 And The Future Of Islamic Education In Indonesia(Zalik Nuryana, S.Pd.I., M.Pd.I);The Meaning Of Pride Of “Pemulung”(Asep Suryana); The Civilized Education Sector Policy And Quality(Arief Budiono, M.H); Close Integration Of Learning Strategies, Research, And Community Service Activities With The Student Affairs(Rd. Funny Mustikasari Elita, Yanti Setianti, Putri Trulline); Mahabbah As Peak Experiences In Positive Psychology(Wahyudi Setiawan, Ayok Ariyanto, Azid Syukroni); Sufism Contributions In Character Educatin(Nurcahaya, Akbarizan, Srimurhayati, Nurrahmi Hayani, Ismardi); The Role Of The Internet Positive In Islamic To Build Character(Sigit Dwi Laksana); Take A Leadership Pattern Ibrah Al-Khulafa Al Rasyidin In Creating A Generation Of Islamic Movement(Katni, Sri Hartini); The Effect Of Societal Factor On Linguistic Performance, Emotional And Spiritual Intelligence(Kasmil S. Abdulwahid); Thinking Muslim Contemporary To Development Models Of Psychological Assessment(Syarifan Nurjan); Basic Concepts Of Education In Sunnah Muhammadiyah(Nurul Abidin, M.Ed); The Curriculum Meaningful Learning 2013 In The Form Of Talkshow Topromote The Spirit Of Student Learning(Kasmu’i, M.Pd.I);Review Curriculum Based Competence And Implications On The Ktsp And 2013 Curriculum ( In Perspective Thought Philosophicale.Mulyasa )(Darmani); Konsep Revolusi Mental Berbasis Adab Dalam Perspektif Syed Mnaquib Al-Attas(Rohmadi); Library Instruction Class In Gerakan Literasi Sekolah (Gls)(Andri Yanto, Prijana); Pq4r Strategy In The Teaching Of Reading Comprehension(Muhammad Lukman Syafii); Da’wah Through Social Media (Use Of Social Media As A Media In Conveying The Da'wah)(Yustikasari); Ethics Communication In Management Relationship ( A Qualitative Study: Ethics Communication Teachers Of Students In Management Relationship In Sdn Inpres Liku)(Donal Adrian, Yanus Purwansyah Sriyanto, Riki Mirzam Abdurrozaq );The Essence Of Education(Happy Susanto, Lia Amalia); Media Domino Cards With Innovative Educational Sd/Mi(Lilis Sumaryanti, M.Pd);. Organizational Commitment Of Persatuan Islam Pilgrims On The Activity Of Dakwah Islamiyah In Bandung Regency, West Java (Iwan Koswara, Santi Susanti); Punishment Education ( Implementation Of Punishment On Education Sector)(Fahrina Yustiasari Liriwati, S.H.I, M.Pd.I); Learning Motivation: Reward And Punishment In The Western And The Islamic Perspective(Nur Kholik Afandi); Effective Islamic Education Institute Of Quality Management Education Perspective (Aldo Redho Syam, M.Pd.I); Counselors And Character Education (Agus Akhmadi); علم الصرف: تطوراتها ونظرياتها والاستفادة منها في تعليم اللغة العربية لغير الناطقين بها(Nuraini); Tradition Of Hajat Lembur As A Learning Resource Of Religion Andcultures Ethnographic Study On Local Wisdom Of Tatar Karangpriangan Community Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java( Samson Cms, Pawit M. Yusup, Agus Rusmana, Encang Saefudin); Culturally Responsive Education: Experiences And Colleges In The Context Of Islamic Education In Indonesia(Arif Rahman); مؤثر الإنعالية فى سياغة خلق الشبابواوان كوسناوانthe Angel Of Faith With Learning Methods Of Exploringtheoretical Physics” Relativity Time” In Sma Negeri 1 Ponorogo(Asroji);Renewal Culture Education Model A Period Of Nabi Muhammadsaw And Friend’s (Opportunities And Challenges Toward The Creation Of Golden Generation)(Drs. Rido Kurnianto, M.Ag);
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