Pelatihan Literasi Informasi

Novy Diana Fauzie and Arda Putri Winata Eko Kurniawan (2016) Pelatihan Literasi Informasi . Yogyakarta: perpustakaan umy


Dictionary for Library and Information Sciences Reitz (2004:356) Information literacy is skill in finding the information one needs, including and understanding of how libraries are organized, familiarity with resource they provide (including information formats and automated search tools), and knowledge of commonly used techniques The concept also includes the skills required to critically evaluate information content and employ it affectively, as well as understanding of the technological infrastructure on which information transmission is based, including its social, political, and cultural context and impact

: Novy Diana Fauzie
: Arda Putri Winata Eko Kurniawan
: Tutorial
: Bahasa Indonesia
: 300-399(Social Science)
: t 1
: Yogyakarta: perpustakaan umy
: 2016
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literasi informasi
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