PROCEEDINGS OF THE 21st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE : Current Trends in Public Sector Research

David Petr and Fišar Miloš, (2017) PROCEEDINGS OF THE 21st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE : Current Trends in Public Sector Research . Brno: Masaryk University


: David Petr
: Fišar Miloš,
: Proceeding
: Bahasa Inggris
: Brno: Masaryk University
: 2017
: 1-442
Subject / Keywords :
Smoker vs Non-Smoker. Who Bears the Costs? (David Petr) ; Ex-Ante Targeting in Lobbying Strategies: An Experimental Study (Fišar Miloš, Špalek Jiří, Urbanová Daniela) ; Deadline for the Administrative (Review) Procedure at the Office for Protection of Economic Competition in the Field of Public Contracts (Jurčík Radek) ; Measuring the Conflict between the Municipal Bodies in Slovak Municipalities (Kollárik Martin) ; The Issue of Measuring E-Government Success in Context of the Initiative 202020 (Kopáčková Hana) ; Measures of Transparent Lobbying: How to Approach It and Evaluate It: A Preliminary Stage (Laboutková Šárka, Vymětal Petr) ; Measuring the Effects of Open Data on the Level of Corruption (Máchová Renáta) ; The Value of Public Good Free Rider Problem (Mikušová Meričková Beáta, Muthová Nikoleta) ; Current Situation of Strategic Governance and Strategic Management in the Czech Republic (Plaček Michal, Ochrana František, Půček Milan) ; Quality of Life Evaluation in Czech Districts (Provazníková Romana, Křupka Jiří, Kokešová Lucie) ; Public Goods Game with Punishment in Anti-Social Groups: Experiment with Dangerous Drivers (Řezáč Jan, Kopečková Lenka) ; Trends in Development of the Research Team of Public Research Institution (Sedláček Martin, Tomášková Hana, Marešová Petra, Kuča Kamil) ; Uses of Performance Appraisal Information: The Case of Trenčín Municipal Office (Staroňová Katarína, Spačková Jana) ; Quality of Life Evaluation in NUTS3 Regions of the Czech Republic and Progression of Evaluation in Years 2000-2015 (Šanda Martin, Mandys Jan) ; Knowledge Management and Czech Self-Governments. What Indicates Our Survey? (Špaček David) ; Transparency of Institutions such as Public Benefit Legal and Accounting Entities in the Czech Republic (Urbancová Alžběta, Kryšková Šárka) ; Fiscal Autonomy in the Secessionist Regions (Fischer Jakub, Lipovská Hana, Šedová Jindřiška) ; Fiscal Capacity of the Regions and Their SMEs Development: Evidence from Russia (Ginzburg Maria, Pinkovetskaia Iulija) ; The Financial Crises of Detroit. What Is the Moral for Local Governments in Developed Countries? (Halmosi Peter) ; Impact of Fiscal Decentralization on Local Indebtedness in the EU Countries (Maličká Lenka) ; The Inter-Regional and Inter-Industrial Inequality in Tax Yield Rate and Its Connection to Tax System Main Properties: Case of Russia (Malkina Marina) ; Administrative and Relative Costs of Local Fees. Case Study of the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic (Matějová Lenka) ; Is There Too Much Solidarity in the Czech Health Care System? (Mertl Jan) ; Disproportions in Application of Book and Tax Depreciation of Municipal Semi-Budgetary Organizations (Pospíšil Petr, Šimíková Iris) ; Cultural Expenditure in the City of Prague and Its Districts (Sedmihradská Lucie) ; Does Proceeding Accounting Reform Contribute to Better Cost Control within the Czech State Administration Units? (Vodáková Jana, Sglundová Nela) ; Old-Age Pension Concepts, Pillars and Regimes and Their Impact on Statutory Retirement Ages (Vostatek Jaroslav) ; Fiscal Federalism and Personal Income Tax Redistribution: Case of Russia’s Regions (Yashina Nadezhda, Ginzburg Maria, Chesnokova Louisa) ; Registration of Sales. How to Measure Its Impact on Tax Revenues? (Zídková Hana, Tepperová Jana) ; Governmental Subsidies and Transparency of Nonprofits: Friends or Enemies? (Bachmann Pavel) ; Delivery of Healthcare through Public-Private Partnerships: A Case Study from Spain (Carpintero Samuel, Reves Eoin, Montero Antonio) ; Inequalities in Geographic Distribution of Doctors and Hospital Beds in 13 European Countries (Dlouhý Martin) ; Social Entrepreneurship: A Way of Developing Social Innovation in Regions (Dudová Iveta, Polonyová Simona) ; Impact of Demographic Trends on Sustainability of Healthcare Financing in the Czech Republic (Gajdošová Eva) ; Health Care Public Investment Subsidies: Case Study of Palliative Care in the Czech Republic (Haas Jakub, Golovkova Anita) ; Housing for the Elderly – Are Older Adults a New Vulnerable Group? (Jahoda Robert, Godarová Jana) ; Healthcare Systems in the States of Central and Eastern Europe: From Whom Should We Take Lessons? (Kozuń-Cieślak Grazyna) ; Impact Assessment of Environmental Investment (2013-2015) in the Moravian-Silesian Region on the National Economy (Macháč Jan) ; How Much Extra Will Households Pay for Environmental Improvement? Impacts of Water and Severage Legislation in Preparation on Incomes of the Poorest Households in the South Bohemian Region (Macháč Jan, Zemková Lenka) ; The Efficiency of the Higher Education in the Selected OECD Countries (Mikušová Pavla) ; Risk Governance in Innovations in Mental Healthcare Services: Case Study Hronovce (Nemec Juraj, Murray Svidroňová Mária) ; The Influence of the Intensity of Competition on the Supply Side on the Expenditure on the Collection and Disposal of Municipal Waste (Pavel Jan) ; Competition among Czech Health Insurance Companies from Patients’ Point of View (Pavlík Marek) ; Monetary Valuation of Odour from Agricultural Production (Pechrová Marie) ; Comparison of Nonprofit Organizations and Profit Firms: Do We Compare Units or Their Environments? (Rosenmayer Tomáš) ; Towards Health Technology Assessment in the Czech Republic (Rozmarinová Jana) ; Does Spatial Dimension Matter in Waste Generation? Case Study of Czech Municipalities (Rybová Kristýna, Burcin Boris) ; The Costs of Municipal Waste and Separate Collection. Efficient Measures How to Cut Them Down (Slavík Jan, Rybová Kristýna) ; Institutional and Managerial Aspects of Intermunicipal Cooperation (SOUKOPOVÁ Jana, Bakoš Eduard, Zelenáková Petra) ; Possible Structure Development of Job Seekers by the Highest Level of Education Attained (Šimpach Ondřej) ; Why Do Elderly Households Decide to Move? (Špalková Dagmar, Špalek Jiří) ; Urban Green Space – Beneficial but Costly. New Approaches to Financing (Vejchodská Eliška, Louda Jiří, Dubová Lenka) ; Relationship and Significance of Performance Indicators of Regional Public Libraries (Vrabková Iveta, Friedrich Václav) ; Barriers to the Development of the Operations of Social Enterprises in the Czech Republic (Wildmannová Mirka) ; Analysis of University Activities in PCT Patent Application (Zdřálek Petr, Štemberková Růžena, Matulová Pavla, Marešová Petra, Kuča Kamil) ; Is Current Institutional Environment Suitable for Renewable Electricity Generation in the Czech Republic? (Zimmermannová Jarmila).
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